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We think PowerPoint is a fabulous tool. An estimated 300 million people every day use PowerPoint to communicate their message.

The great thing is that anyone can use PowerPoint, but this is also its downfall. It takes time and visual thinking to get your PowerPoint presentation highly polished and visually communicative – and at Communicate Live we understand that you won’t always have time to do this. This is what we’re here for.

When you’re stood on that stage with a massive screen behind you, we want you to feel great about your slides, and confident that they are working with you to communicate your message.

We take a highly personal and pro-active approach in making sure that your slides are slick and high impact, matching your message and company branding.

We understand that all corporate IT systems and computers are different and will work with you to make sure the finished result will work on your technology.

Because PowerPoint is used by so many people, you often find that your presentation is cascaded or distributed through your organisation, and reused by many different people. When the time comes, we can take your presentation and freshen it up to keep it new and informative.